Anita Sarkeesian - Feminist frequency 25 maj 2017 14.09 av Lady Yuna

”We are currently working a lot with the nightmare of politics in our country.

Right now the situation is more like one step forward and one step back. ”

Anita started with showing Metal Gear Solid 5, and an example of a female character in the game with a highly sexual outfit locked up as an animal. The character apparently needs no air because she breathed through her skin. The sequence rose much amusement in the auditorium.

Another example was Cindy the mechanic with bare belly - the only female in a group of 5.

”Well eventually things got a bit better but we must not believe this stops here.”

”We decided to start working with a diversity checklist but now we prefer to talk about inclusion.”

The diversity checklist included none sexualized female characters, none people of color, non queer characters.

”But we need to go deeper, giving them (the characters) stories.”

Anita means that there are problems with systemic rasism and we need to stop oversimplify. We believe we can beat evil with violence - preferably a white male. Never a queer or a transgender personality. The player interaction mainly consists of a killer, killing the aggressor.

The early Zelda stories had of course evil characters but games today rely on this concept solely.

”Well, no checklist or band aid will solve this problem.” Anita says.

”We need stories that bring people together.” Anita continues.

”Real diversity is more than just variety". In The last guardian” the creature becomes alive through its independence" and in ”The diaries of a spaceport janitor” there is a real life struggle just to make ends meet.

In ”The 1979 Revolution Black Friday” about the Iranian revolution” we see a conflict from a real life perspective.

Inclusion should focus on quality instead of diversity. Anita also states that she believes that the current situation is harmful to our society. Stories and gameplay should be more believable. Media must reflect better worlds.